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It has always been a fundamental premise with Exciton to supply the highest quality laser dyes that will provide optimum lasing for a given mode of excitation.  Furthermore, we have endeavored to bring to the laser market new dyes covering spectral regions heretofore not readily accessible and to introduce the latest developments from the literature in the form of dyes reported to be of superior lasing ability and photochemical stability. With most of our dyes, the designated number associated with each dye indicates the maximum of the lasing frequency in alcohol solvent and is subject to the normal variation caused by chemical and physical environment


Our specialty is laser dyes; therefore, except in rare instances, all the dyes listed are in stock for immediate delivery. What does this mean to you, the customer? As soon as your purchase order is received, it is processed. In the interest of prompt service and fast delivery, please place your order by phone or fax whenever possible. No written confirmation is necessary. Normal delivery time is 48 hours after we receive your order. As a special service, we make every effort to minimize your shipping costs. Express delivery service is also available. We understand the need for special service when important research is in progress.


We encourage you to call Exciton and establish a mutually pleasurable rapport. In dealing with Exciton, you will find that our personnel want to be of service. Please help us to help you determine your exact needs. In helping you, we obtain a great deal of satisfaction from knowing that we have been of assistance. Since there may be more than one dye covering a given spectral region, we endeavor to provide the latest information concerning the best dye selection for a specific laser system and application. Should we not know the answer to your specific question, we can most likely refer you to a source of information. Technical information concerning the use of the dyes is furnished without obligation, so please do not hesitate to call.


Our business hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.


Exciton strives to offer you the best possible price on every dye. We offer substantial discounts on individual catalog items you purchase in quantity. Please take advantage of our 5-, 10-, and 25- percent quantity discounts. For larger quantities, please contact us for a quotation. Please allow ample time for us to receive, process and return your quotation.


Our guarantee is simple. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase from Exciton. If the product that you ordered from Exciton does not meet the specifications on the website, or on other documents provided by Exciton, please contact us within 10 days of delivery to arrange for a prompt refund, credit or replacement.

All sales are final.  For the complete terms of sale, see Terms of Sale.  At Exciton's sole discretion, Exciton may require our customers ("Buyers") to sign and return an acknowledgement of the Terms of Sale prior to accepting a customer's purchase order.


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