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Examples of products for laser wavelength absorption

Exciton offers the dyes listed below as general purpose, suitable for use in optical filters of all types (displays, spectacles, detectors, etc.).  A non-reverse analysis agreement is required prior to the purchase of any of these proprietary dyes, please contact info.exciton@luxotticaretail.com for the required agreement.  These products may be available for licensing for specific applications that require selective absorption and high temperature stability.  Please contact Exciton for licensing or additional licensing and technical information

Catalog Number  Absorber   Laser Line
05101 ABS 510 Argon
05110 ABS 511 Argon
05260 ABS 526N Doubled YAG
06580 ABS 658 Diode
A693N IRA 693N Ruby
07550 IRA 742 Alexandrite
22140 IRA 980 YAG, Diode
22141 IRA 980B YAG, Diode
22143 IRA 980BT YAG, Diode
NP800 NP 800 Diode

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