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Introduction to Absorber Technologies

Exciton's new absorbing dyes or "absorbers" can provide selective or broad band light filtering throughout visible and near infrared.  Absorbers with relatively narrow absorption bands, such as those shown below, filter out infrared light with low visible color even at high optical densities.  They can be used for selective laser wavelength filters and for security applications.  The absorbers can also be combined to customize the shape of the absorption.  Alternatively, narrow band absorbers can be combined with visible light absorbing dyes to create sharp cut-off, long pass filters.

Exciton offers the dyes listed as general purpose, suitable for use in optical filters of all types (displays, spectacles, detectors, etc.).  

Absorber dyes properties:

*      Stable at high temperatures

*      Compatible with acrylic and polycarbonate mold processing

*      Highly soluble for solution based applications (selected dyes)

*      Numbering system: IRA742 is an “Infra Red Absorber” with a peak near 742 nm

*      The peak wavelength and absorption band may vary slightly with host


To review individual datasheets, select from any of the links below

Complete listing of Exciton’s visible (“ABS”) and infrared (“IRA”) absorbers

Filter dyes for color displays (color gamut) or color separation

Filter dyes for LEDs and light sources

Narrow band visible absorbing dyes exclusively for high temperature (mold) processing

Organic salts for broad band infrared absorption

Dyes for solution, casting, and molding applications (see datasheet for detailed properties)

Absorbers for laser wavelength absorption (examples)



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